Just had my 16 yr old cat diagnosed w/ liver failure. I'm positive now, that it was the dose of injectable Metacam. She went to the ER, vet 2wks ago due to needing stitches. They anesthetized her, did bloodwork ( normal values) then gave her metacam inj. for pain. Few days later my cat ( Nickii) was ill.BUN and Creatinine in the 1000's .  She has shown all of the conditions listed on your web page. Unfortunately with her in so much pain an discomfort I will have to euthanize her. I feel like clinics should report to you that these are potential side effects of the drugs given so that you can monitor your pet more closely. In human patients for prescriptions or over the counter meds they generally give you a info paper so that you can monitor yourself for side effects. Why not animals ? Thanks for the info, unfortunately for Ms Nickki it was too late.

Tamara Cat And Mouse Tail