Metacam strikes again, my cat is in a bad way.
NAC helps with paracetamol/Tylenol poisoning, do
antioxidants help with Metacam?
Does any (natural) substance help with acute kidney poisoning?

I did not want to say it directly, but my cat is dead.

I am wondering whether to sue my vet. He had given the
oral version to three cats before mine, and one became seriously

He admiitted that he was the only vet in his practice to be
"testing the drug". My cat was his fourth guinea-pig/victim.

He has promised to stop using the drug on cats. He even said
that he would spread the word at a "small animal" vets conference
that will soon attend.

I mentioned your site and he said he would look at it also.

Is your cat still alive? If so I am sure he would benefit from

Andrew - London