Hi, I have unfortunately had a bad experience that made me aware of the dangers of Metacam for cats.

About three years ago my very dear pet female cat and companion aged nineteen and a half had to be put to sleep with what appeared to be CRF. I am however convinced her end was hastened by my vets prescription for 3-4 drops orally of Metacam daily to treat her mild arthritis.

I started the treatment on May 7 '04 and religiously gave her 4 drops every day as instructed. I noticed that on the box it said: "For the treatment of Dogs" I questioned this and the vet told me this product was safe for my aged cat and foolishly I believed her. The dose continued  without fail until about June 16 '04 when I realised something was seriously wrong with her. She was put to sleep at home on June 20.

It was to my very deep regret that I did not check out this product. I since have found many adverse comments regarding Metacam on the web. I am convinced that Metacam brought about her end. The irony was that the Metacam seemed to do little to ease her arthritis which was not that bad anyway.

You may use this on your website if you wish and I hope that it does some good and saves someone's dear pet.

Regards, Anthony