Hi, Dave.

Thank you so much for your invaluable website! I wish I had looked at it before giving my cat ANY Metacam. But alas I trusted the vet. She said it could make my cat's kidneys worse and that we would monitor the kidneys in 1 month. But she NEVER said it could lead to ARF and even death! Nor did she tell me that it's off-label for cats in the U.S.! Nor did she tell me of the symptoms to watch carefully for! She was really pretty blase.

My cat Binky will be 16 in 2 weeks. She was diagnosed with CRF about a year ago. Her numbers were always good, not very high. I put her on a kidney diet and they got better. Just before starting Metacam, her numbers were normal for the first time in a year. She had no UTIs. She was wailing a lot, which probably was from dementia but it was hard to tell.

The vet told me that she had spinal arthritis per x-ray and that this could be causing her pain. That's why she recommended the Metacam. We tried her on Buprinex first, with no apparent help. We should have tried everything else first, but we didn't! (me, out of ignorance and not being fully informed by the vet, the vet because.....?) I got her complete records and found out that she ACTUALLY has osteopenia, not arthritis!

Well, as I'm sure you can easily predict, in 2 weeks of taking Metacam Binky went from normal numbers to numbers 10 times higher than normal! She was very, very sick and had to be hospitalized for 3 days. She was released on June 28 but is still quite sick. She is exhibiting weakness, incoordination, lethargy, and she is barely eating. I have to do the sub-Q fluids, which she does not like at all. I've now started pureeing her food and feeding her by syringe, to make sure she gets enough food. Her numbers are still twice as high as they should be.

She was a happy, healthy cat, very affectionate. Since this horrible episode, she has been like a completely different cat, isolating herself, quite weak, unhappy.

When I realized that the Metacam had made her so ill, I called the manufacturer (as recommended by someone on the online CRF support group). They opened an FDA Case (which they said they were legally obligated to do). I just left a message with the FDA, as I feel that THIS MEDICATION NEEDS TO HAVE A STRONGLY WORDED BLACK BOX WARNING on the bottle AND on the box, about how dangerously letal it can be to talks and NOT to give it to unhealthy cats.

Have you looked into trying to get a black box warning? I don't know if the FDA would authorize a black box warning for cats in the U.S., since it's not on-label for cats here.

Do you know what the label says about cats in the UK and other European countries? I'm curious how they handle the possible toxicity to cats. I have the same question about the dosing instructions and warnings for cats in these countries. I'll do some googling but I thought you might know.

Please add my story to your website.

Thanks and all the best,




Binky went to a kidney specialist yesterday for an evaluation. I never knew there was such a thing as a vet specialist, or I would have taken her there in the first place and they never would have prescribed metacam, as they told me they don't for old cats and they don't for cats with kidney disease.

They said that Binky also has heart disease (a murmur and fluid), and anemia. Her anemia was worse yesterday than it was on 7/28 or 7/30 (30% vs 17%). Her BUN has increased since then too, from 74 to 84. Creat. remains at 5.8. She also showed signs of neurological damage, though her optic nerve didn't show signs of neurologic damage. She was walking kind of from side to side and she didn't seem mentally present.

The doctor theorized that she either already had some dementia and/or that she was having SEs from drugs. She had been put on 2 appetite stimulators plus a high dose of antibiotics, and pepcid. The doctor discontinued all the drugs except for the latter two, and she halved the antibiotic dose. She also prescribed a hormone for her anemia, and of course the fluids but now every other day due to the heart disease.

She does NOT have a kidney infection as I had been told, but she does have a UTI.

Today she is doing better neurologically, probably from discontinuing the drugs. Maybe also from a distance healing that I purchased. I'm not sure if it's helping but I know it can't be hurting. http://www.gentlecarepet.com/distance_pet_healing

She still spends most of the time on her chair, hardly moving.

Have you ever heard of Metacam causing heart disease or neurologic symptoms or damage?

Do you know of anyone who went to small claims court or other suits to get their vet to pay for their cat's care after they used metacam? If so, I'd like to contact these people. I plan some type of legal action. So far this has cost me $3,000, and what they did to Binky is unforgivable, especially given the facts of my case and how it was mishandled.

I really think we need to push for black box labeling by the FDA. I will call them again since they never returned my call.

I'm very curious to know what the dosing instructions are in Europe and if they have cautions against using it in older cats or unhealthy cats. I can't find that info. online. If you know where it is or you correspond with someone from there, I'd really appreciate getting this information. My brother lives in England. I'll ask him to try to find out too.



Hi, Dave.

Binky is in the hospital again, due to severe anemia. :(

I don't know if you remember who I am, so I'll remind you. I had a terrible thing happen to my cat in late June of this year. She received negligent care from a vet, was prescribed oral Metacam, and as a result she got Acute Renal Failure and severe anemia and almost died. Her heart murmur may have also been caused by the anemia. She has been given only an estimated 6 months to live. Before that she was quite healthy and her kidney values were normal. She did have CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) but it was asymptomatic except that she drank a lot of water.

I wrote a letter to a vet I saw, asking them to pay for my cat's care, which has so far cost $4,590 and is expected to cost an additional $1000 - $5,000 or more. I have never done anything like this before. Other vets are telling me that it was negligence, by the way.

If you have any advice on how I can improve the letter, I'd welcome it. You're welcome to keep this letter for your records, but please delete or block out the vet names and address. I don't know the legality of including the vet's info. If you do, please let me know.

I will be also calling Congress asking them to put a black box warning for cats on the box and bottle of Metacam.