I just saw your sight and dont have a lot of time to look at it right now as I need to leave for work.  I will however spend some time looking at it tonight.
Briefly - my vet gave me metacam for my cat in Feb after doing a kidney panel showing everything was normal.  They found she had arthritis and might be why she was acting a bit aggressive - out of pain.  It was not emphasized how dangerous the drug was or that it was not approved for cats.  She took it for a little over two weeks.  I came home from a week long trip and she was in the midst of kidney failure.
I reported this to the company and they actually helped pay for LAB tests, which allowed me to keep her on IV fluids longer than I would normally be able to afford.  It is now August.  She is still alive, though its been up and down.  She is far from needing to be put to sleep, but I know that day is just around the corner.  The company has stopped paying for anything claiming the FDA wont allow them to do so anymore and the vets need to take responsibility for giving a drug thats not approved for cats. ?!?!?!?!?
Anyway, I have plenty more...I just wanted to thank you for your site and look forward to spending some time reading it later tonight.