My beautiful brown burmese Chloe was hit by a car and broke her pelvis. She went through a 3 hour operation to fix it and I was allowed to take her home three days later. I was given Metacam and a syringe to use with it. She began going downhill soon after and lost her appetite. I called the surgeon and asked him if I should get some appetite stimulants from my own vet. He thought it might be a good idea, so this is what I did. It didnít help.I called my vet again and she diagnosed that I was overdosing Chloe with Metacam because I was applying it directly into her mouth after food with a syringe, which had been supplied in the box. I rushed her into the vet and she was put straight onto a drip to flush out her kidneys. It didnít help and she was rushed back to the vet hospital for a blood transfusion. After doing that they discovered that blood was seeping from her stomach and bowel. There was nothing else they could do for her and she had to be put down. It was devastating that after this huge and incredibly costly operation I lost my beloved companion of 7 years. I feel so stupid for just blindly giving her the drug in a syringe. Even my 14 year old son said ĎMum, it says itís just for dogsí, and I just replied, Ďthe vet said itís ok for cats too,í without even investigating further. Iím sure if Iíd hadnít given her this stuff she would have made a complete recovery because the surgery went perfectly and she had no signs of any internal injuries before having the Metacam. I will never give it to my other cat, who is is missing his mate badly. I feel so guilty and upset. Please donít give this stuff to your cat.