Hi, I had and loved a puss for 23 years, apart from being ill treated as a
kitten, and came to me desperate to survive, she has had no health problems
at all.After 23 years of health, she developed an ulcer in her eye, and
obviously concerned I consulted my local vet. She gave me the options re
treatment of ulcer, and prescribed metacam alongside with antibiotic drops.
I so wish I hadn't given them to her!  After 3 tiny doses I stopped!. It was
obvious she was ill!. The vet gave her a blood test and rang rapidly to say
her toxins were so high they were off the scale! She had a drip which didn't
work, but you try don't you. She slowly detiorated for the   next few days,
obviously renal failure!  I so wished I had have been warned. I know
everyone is going to say, she was so old her kidneys would have been in a
bad state, but they wern't.   She was a healthy remarkable cat, and showed
absolutely no problems.PLEASE DON'T GIVE THIS TO YOUR CAT!