My rabbit that we love so just died for NOTHING, she was beautiful, 4 years old, she just had a little calcium in her bladder her x ray was to be done tomorrow, the vet i took her to gave me 1ml every 12 hours for her, she took a seizure came out of it, 7 hours later took another one, then was paralyzed on all 4 paws, it was so hard, i feel like i killed her, i will never get over this pain, she did not deserve that, i wish i would of read your site before, you know about this drug, 1ml every 12 hours is alot for a 3,24kg rabbit ?                                                                       


What was best is that i never went to that vet, my heart will never get over it, metacam does kill, and such a painful death, if ever you could ask someone about 1ml twice a day for a rabbit, i know in my heart it was way to much, i saw what it did to her, thanks, and please keep letting people know about metacam, i have three cats and thanks to my rabbit and you they will never see that medication, NEVER, i will send you a picture of my beautiful rabbit, she is missed so much,