Hi Dave

I also have a possible Metacam story, though nothing can be proven and my cat is nearly 4 years gone.

Elliott had just turned 16 when he was in a deep sleep on top of the television on July 4, 2006, and fell off the television, about a 3 1/2 foot fall.  Anyway, he landed awkwardly, with his hind legs in an extreme split/splay, and was "paralyzed." I bundled him up to the emergency vet nearby prepared to put him to sleep for a broken back. X-rays revealed no fractures, the vet deemed his injury a sprain, and gave him a shot of Metacam. He was up and about walking on his own within 36 hours.

He did have dental problems (an extraction for a neck lesion when he was 3, and he had another cleaning at the age of 9, but the smalltown vet where I lived at the time said no more dentals under anesthesia for Elliott because of his age.

Then he started to lose weight, which I figured was "old cat syndrome." I did not notice he was drinking more water, and peeing more, because all of his life E enjoyed his water  ;)   Then he started to have a funny smell, and off to the vet he went, about 4 months after the Metacam was given. The vet took one look at him and said "This cat has CRF" confirmed by labs.  He was treated with IV fluids for a couple of days, and came home on Christmas Eve 2006 receiving daily SQs, daily potassium (oral), daily tagamet (SQ), three-times-a-week B complex (SQ) and twice-a-week SQ  Epogen. He did begin to turn things around and gain weight, but died on March 16, 2007 after suffering grand mal seizures, worsening renal failure, all labs seriously out of whack and a worsening of a heart murmur. The treating vet would not share any opinion regarding the Metacam (she is not the vet who gave the Metacam in July), but now on all of my cats' charts on the cover in big black sharpie ink is written "No Metacam ever!"

One vet (we use a cats-only group practice) praised me for the decision and says she hates the stuff for cats. For her, it's a drug of last resort and pretty much reserved for kitties who are already terminally ill.

If I have to take one of the cats to the emergency vet (which has happened), immediately after filling out the paperwork I write "No Metacam for any reason." Even if the cat is febrile, no Metacam. That was the case with my FHV+ Scottie after a double dental extraction and cleaning, who ended up at the emergency vet because we ran out of pain medication. Vet asked me how I knew about Metacam and I told her I'd just lost a cat to CRF a month before and I think the Metacam is what pushed him over the edge.

So your website has made a difference for my six felines  ;)

San Jose, CA