Fozzie's Story
Names have been changed due to a financial  settlement with Metacam's manufacturer.



I see someone has asked about Metacam so I will respond with Fozzie's story.
Fozzie broke his wrist and I was referred by my vet to a specialist. The
specialist recommended surgery but in the mean time prescribed Metacam for any
pain Fozzie might have. It was prescribed in so many drops from a bottle. About a
week later I called my regular vet to let her know what the specialist had said.
I told her about the Metacam and she told me that Metacam is very dangerous for
cats and to be very careful with it but that hopefully giving Fozzie a little
wouldn't hurt. I immediately stopped the Metacam. A couple of days later Fozzie
began looking very dehydrated and developed sores in his mouth. I took him in
and he was in full renal failure. Fozzie spent 2 weeks in the hospital, dehydrated,
not eating, I nearly put him to sleep as he got so bad, but he sprang back and I
am currently able to maintain him with fluids and vitamins and thankfully he now
eats on his own.

Before Fozzie took Metacam he checked out fine with the vet with the exception of
the broken wrist. Now he may need fluids for the rest of his life but it's
better than death. I would caution anyone whose vet has prescribed Metacam to
think twice about it. A one time injection of Metacam is approved in the states,
ongoing Metacam by mouth is given off-label by vets. I contacted the
manufacturer of Metacam in Fozzie's case. They were very helpful and consulted
with my vet on Fozzie's treatment. The vet there told me two important things
about Metacam. 1. If you're cat is even a tiny bit dehydrated from anything
Metacam can damage a cats kidneys, 2. once Metacam has caused damage it can take
5 weeks or more of intense treatment to help a cat survive past the initial
trauma, so don't give up early!

I would recommend, if anyone thinks their cat was poisoned by Metacam, to
contact the manufacturer so the vet there can consult with your vet. I would
also recommend reporting the event to the FDA as they need to know these cases.
Many vets just do not know how dangerous Metacam is to cats in drop form. I
think it's important to help get the word out that there is a danger.