I am so disheartned. I took in my 10 year old cat to the vet for FLUTD and they
ended up operating on it to clear out some small stones and then he wouldn't
defecate. At first, the vet thought since he was slightly arthritic in his hind
legs maybe that was causing him problems with his bowel movements and recommeded
metacam, which I stupidly unaware administered it for a week based on the vets
prescription. Before that, while they were trying to figure out what was wrong
with them right up to a week before his operaton, his bloodwork & his kidneys
were perfect (per vet as healthy as a two year old) and then 2 weeks later on
another checkup, the Bun numbers were 151 and he was in CRF.....it has been a
month since then and took my cat in again and now the BUN #'s are
179............the vet thinks he has around 3 weeks to six months based on the
progression of the numbers, needless to say I am very upset. My cat has lost
his appetite and barely eats
anything. I have been syringe feeding him for a month now and luckily his
liver work still apears to be ok.. When I look at him he seems to still be
alert, walks around a bit and still purrs. Not sure how much longer I should
keep him going before helping him cross over.

Thanks for listening

Howie's mom