Hi Dave
My vet unfortunately used Metacam on my cat he was put to sleep as he had renal failure - this was after 2 visits back and from the vets for removal of blockage with a 3rd blockage we were told that a Perineal Urethostomy would cure him. Tabby came around from the Surgery fine he was eating and drinking but the Nurse started to worry in the afternoon as he was going down hill he was administered Metacam twice in the vets as its on my bill. I was sent home with a bottle of Metacam oral suspension - no instruction was on the print out lable - I asked the nurse what I should give she said 6 mg as he was 6kg - I did this-
I notice now on the box that this is the initial dose and maintenance doses are suppose to be half that amount- had I poisioned him more. Plus why would you give a cat who has just had his bladder unblocked whose poor kidneys are going to be working overtime anyway to get rid of the toxins in his blood, a prescibed painkiller with a side effect of producing toxins!!!
I am beginning to think that that vet performed a miracle he managed to turn a Tabby cat into a Guinea Pig!!!
Thanks for listening
PS I have notified the manufacturers as suggested.