About a week and half ago I took my cat in for an infection on one of his claws so they removed it and prescribed metacam. So I gave it to him not knowing what it was and what it would soon do to my one and half year old cat. The day he stopped taking it was the day I noticed something was not right. So I thought maybe he was just a little sick from the antibiotic they had also given him. But he didn't eat, go to the bathroom and he was vomiting for 5 days so I took him in yesterday to another vet. I could tell by the look on this vet that something was not right so they did blood tests and said he would get back to me today with the results. He called today and told me the horrible news. My very young cat is now going through severe acute kidney failure and they don't know why. However my vet told me that he is pretty sure it was this drug. Now my cat is in the Animal ER going through intensive fluid therapy. The vet that gave him the metacam didn't tell me about anything about metacam . Are vets supposed to inform you about this drug when giving it to your cat since its not approved to be given to cats? Is there anything I can do if my cat does not make it through? Since you know a lot about this, what are the survival rates like?