i USED IT BECAUSE my kitty was having bowel movement problems he was crying loudly for 2 days i new something was wrong he was eating and drinking healthy still very active and friendly i brought him to the vet they did tests x-rays gave him an enema he pooped it out said he would be ok sent him the same nite with stool softner, and the PAIN MED METACAM!!!!
I should  never have given him that.

Sat nite before I went to bed, he was happy and purring when we came home at 10:30 p.m. I gave him the pain med orally at 11 p.m... at 4 a.m he came into our room crying like someone was killing him shaking his head trying to get away in a corner his one leg curled up and went limp and he just shook i think he was shaving a frigin seizure from this med METACAM!!!

Which i looked up on the internet which is bad for cats he was a happy healthy boy he was not even 10 yrs old yet!!!!!! He was the most affectionate cat i.. think he had a reaction to the med which caused the seizure!!!!
  Can i do an autopsy at another vet and sue them for this or at least have them pay my expenses for $400. plus pain and suffering? He was my baby to me, I do not have kids of my own just a step daughter thru marriage she is 4 and she will miss him also, but he was like my child to me