Dear Dave

Thank you for your website. I am from Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately I found out about Metacam too late. Our precious nine year old Ginger Tom Kimba was feeling off colour after being administered Worm Medication by our Vet on a Monday. What was worrying was the Vet's scales to weigh pets were malfunctioning and not giving the correct weight of the animals. Kimba was not feeling the best, not eating and was swallowing noticeably and so we booked him for an "emergency" appointment on Saturday. Our usual Vet saw Kimba, I mentioned that Kimba was swallowing a lot and he looked into Kimba's mouth and said he did not know what was wrong with Kimba but would give him an injection to ease any discomfort or inflammation and that if Kimba was still not right by Monday that Kimba would need bloodtests. Kimba was injected with Metacam.
That night Kimba became very unwell and started vomiting up food and a foamy substance. My Mum, Dad and I took turns getting up and checking on him as he was not moving around at all and looked unwell. By 5.00am Sunday, I found my Mum checking on him and she said we needed to take him to the Hospital right away. When we put Kimba into his carry box, his back legs were unable to hold him up and were giving way. My Dad and I rushed him in and the Vet there immediately detected that Kimba was severely dehydrated and that he had a heart murmur (something that our usual Vet had never ever picked up). They asked if Kimba had eaten any poison and we said definitely no but mentioned he had been given an injection. When they heard Metacam, they looked knowingly concerned and said it could be the cause of Kimba's sickness. I now know that Metacam kills cats and it should especially not be given to cats that are dehydrated. I believe Kimba was already dehydrated when he was given Metacam by our Vet but our regular Vet failed to check Kimba for dehydration. 
After 12 days in Hospital, the Vet taking care of him said that there was nothing else that could be done, with tears in her eyes. She said she had never ever seen Creatinine and Urea levels like our Kimba's in all her time as a Vet and that they had been off the charts. Our beautiful and lively Kimmy had to be euthanased on Thursday 24 February 2011 and my Dad and I were present when our Precious Baby passed on. I have never seen my Dad cry (and we have had sad times) but he cried for our Kimba and so did I.  My Mum is devastated from the loss of Kimba as he was always with her and my Dad and I are the same. We all cried from the very depths of our Souls when we got back home finding it hard to comprehend what had happened since the fatal Metacam injection. Our regular Vet did not even have the decency to phone and find out if Kimba was better after the Vet Hospital contacted him.
Our lives have this huge void where Kimba used to be and our hearts ache deeply and inconsolably. The grief is so deep, more than we have felt before. Khaya our beautiful Tortoiseshell has been noticeably affected and depressed and confused, always looking for Kimba. With time we will all get through it but never over it. I look at Kimba's box of ashes and cannot believe that that is all we have left of our precious Baby Boy. We all thought that our Vet could be completely trusted and that he would always do what was the best for our animal companions. But instead he murdered Kimba, a beautiful and completely innocent Soul and we ended up taking Kimba home, but in a box. What tears me up inside is that we took our Baby in and he was murdered with the Metacam and we had no idea at the time, no idea that this meant the end for Kimba's life on Earth. My heart goes out to you all who have experienced a terrible loss of your beloved Cat to Metacam. I am so very sorry for your losses. This cannot be allowed to continue.
We hold on tightly to the memories of our beautiful Kimba. Kimba was a beautiful ginger and white Tom with peachy pink paws. Kimba has left my Mum, Dad and I with an amazing legacy of the happiest memories - he infused unfathomable joy into every single moment we had the honour of sharing with him. Kimba has the most beautiful Spirit which I believe is lighting up Heaven even more. Kimba was the most loving and lovable Cat and our Bestest Friend. He was so funny and so clever - he opened sliding doors and curtains on his own and he could jump up high and switch off the light switch in the kitchen. Kimba's favourite things included Talking, Sunshine, Tuna and his Toys and I'm sure us and Khaya. May God and the Angels of Light keep you happy, safe and warm Kimba - Granny, Granddad, Mommy and Khaya love you with all our Soul. We will see you one day our precious Angel.
Thank you for your time Dave. I feel like my Family need grief counselling after this Metacam nightmare. Please can you place Kimba's story on your website with his photograph attached. Thank you. Who can I report this to in Australia? Should I report this to the FDA?
Kindest Regards, Hayley