I started posting on a similar yahoo group thinking it was the one a
friend recommended. They were/are really nice over there and
helpful. However, I seem to still be in a crisis phase with my cat
(and myself) and need to be in a place with a little more
traffic for now.

My cat,Latte is 14 1/2yrs old. She was seen at the vet in jan after
what we thought was a seizure and some uncharacteristic agression.
Blood tests all came back normal. Xrays showed constipation,
arthritis, and bone spurs on the lower part of her spine. The dr
recommended metacam for the pain. I trusted the vet. She became less
aggressive and seemed happier, until about two weeks ago. I brought
her in because she wasnt eating. They found her to be in acute
renal failure. They put her on an iv for 24hrs. She showed an
extroidinary drop in creatinine, so I opted to take her home for a
day and give her subq. We returned to check her levels a day
later, only to see them rise again. She spent the next3-4 days on
an iv. I stayed with her every minute the vet was open - spoon
feeding her, petting, talking,e tc. On the fourth day the dr said
she was no longer responding to the iv fluids and could go home for
her last few days. The vet offered to come to my house over the
weekend to put her down.

Within 24hrs of bringing her home I have decided they are crazy.
She is obviously sick, but her quality of life is far from even
considering euthanasia. I decided to continue with the subq's daily.
I also asked the vet for an appetite stimulant - which works when I
can get it in her. We have our challenging moments - she
occassionaly has episodes of throwing up (mostly clear fluids), she
is drinking and urinating excessively, its often a struggle to get
her to eat enough, she usually hides under the bed once a day. On
the other hand, she likes to be in the same room as me, she still
sits in her spot in the kitchen to stalk the mice while walking back
to check on me every 15min or so. She plays with her string each
day for about 5-10minutes, she loves hanging out and watching the
birds/squirrels, she is voluntarily eating some (with a little
nudging), she has recently started greeting me at the door, and
still talks to me a bit.

Im taking her back to the vet in about an hour. Im hoping her
blood levels are at least the same if not better. Maybe if that is
the case the vet will now consider her on maintenance rather than
death row. I think she needs something for the acid in her tummy,
possibly some special food (though anything at this point is good
for her to eat), maybe a phosphorus binder.

I know that her kidney failure came from the metacam. I spoke with
the company and they even agreed that was the cause. I have
contacted the FDA, state vet board regarding the issue. Though I
dont agree with my vet all the time, I do believe they care and mean
well. Yet, I never received any information on the medication and
how dangerous it actually can be. In fact a study I read last night
said some outrageous number like 1 out of 3 cats taking oral metacam
on a regular basis go into kidney failure. Had I been given that
kind of information I would never have agreed or administered the
drug to her. I kick myself for trusting my vet and not doing more
research on it beforehand. She was perfectly fine before this

So, I dont know. Im beginning to feel extremely stressed and
depressed. Trying to get her to eat, worrying about where she is,
did she throw up, did she poop, why is she hiding, will she still be
breathing the next time I look at her? I feel like Im going to go
crazy. I just want the best for her. I dont want to make anymore

Thanks for listening.
I will post her most recent blood results and those we take today
either tonight or tomorrow.