Dear Dave,
Thank you for the reply. I wanted you to add this picture of Limpy to her story if you would like. I have lost many dogs and cats over the years but Limpy's death has really taken a toll on me. Limpy was a beautiful gray tabby mama cat my husband found abandoned in a warehouse parking lot where he worked. He named her Limpy because of a broken hind leg that had grown back crooked. He took her home and for over 9 years she became my best friend . She was the sweetest girl with a heart of gold and her bad limp only added to her winsome character. I have been through so much death and pain in my life. Limpy gave me so much joy and hope for each day,and she taught me to live in the moment. Limpy had the most out going personality of any cat I have ever known. She loved being with people and everyone loved her. I took great pride in watching her diet and giving her many supplements for her teeth problems. When I took Limpy to have tooth surgery she was still in good health. We paid them over $1300.00 and  I trusted that the vets would give her the best care possible when she went for tooth surgery. They gave her a  Metacam injection post surgery and 2 weeks later she filled with fluid. I took her back to the vets for many more exspensive test that showed no cancer but they insisted she must have a hidden mass. They actually said to me "I didn't know I was going to have to do all this today". Now I wonder  if they suspected Metacam was the cause and were just trying to cover their tracks. This kind of  negligence is inexcusable. It will forever be unresolved in my mind. I think if there is even a small chance that metacam could cause problems why use it.   I feel the  vets carelessly poisoned Limpy with Metacam while they drained our wallets. I wish I had seen your site before, nearly every story sounds like Limpy's. Limpy died at home on her soft blanket, I didn't want to let the vets touch her anymore. My heart is so broken and feel bad for all the victims of Metacam. It's bad enough to lose  a pet naturally but when it's from malpractice and bad drugs it just adds to the pain.  I know it won't bring my Limpy back to me but  let me know if there is anything else I can do to help others. Should I report  this to the FDA?(( I love you forever Limpy , see you in heaven little girl.)) Thank you for having this site.