I've been meaning to send this to you sooner, as your website spared my cat further suffering (and possibly even saved her life!). 

Over the summer, I brought my beautiful, beloved 7-month-old kitten Lumia to the vet's to be spayed. Following her surgery, which appeared to go off without a hitch, I was given six doses of oral Meloxicam and was told to administer them once daily. Like many of the others who have written you, I noticed that the label said "For Dogs Only," but my vet assured me that it was a very safe and common practice.

I administered the doses once daily for three days - and those were three of the worst days I have ever had as a pet owner. I had no idea at the time what was wrong. Lumia had absolutely zero appetite. The one time I could get her to nibble a little bit of food, she threw it up immediately. She had horrible diarrhea. She was lethargic and glassy-eyed. She began lapping up water like she was dying of thirst - something I had never seen her do - but at the same time her urine output noticeably decreased. On the third day, I called the vet, and the vet tech I spoke with made it sound like I was being overly-concerned. I then googled "meloxicam" and "cats" and found your website. I was horrified at the stories I read - and at the fact that the symptoms of meloxicam poisoning matched Lumia's.

I immediately packed her up and took her to the vet. And... you guessed it! She was diagnosed as having an "adverse reaction" to the meloxicam. She was found to be severely dehydrated (despite all the water she'd been drinking!) and her kidney test results were slightly abnormal. She was given an IV to get fluids into her and was given medication to prevent damage to her kidneys. The vet confirmed that things could have been MUCH worse if I had continued to give her the other half of the meloxicam doses, or if she had been an older or less healthy cat to begin with - and it's thanks to your website that I knew enough to suspend the meloxicam and get her to the vet right away. 

Thank you so much for putting the word out there, and warning people about the potential dangers of this drug!

With much gratitude,

Caroline and Lumia