I have a 5 month old kitten that was spayed. They gave her Metacam injectable after her surgery for pain control. Her bloodwork prior to surgery was unremarkable except that she had a UTI which she was on antibiotics for. The night I brought her home she vomited but I thought it was from the anesthesia. For the next 3 days she was unable to keep any food down for longer than 2 hours which she would then vomit very large amounts of undigested food. Took her to ER took radiographs and gave Sub-Q fluids. The Dr thought it could be from the metacam but couldn't rule out a foreign body due to the radiographs. She finally was able to eat and keep it down that night and had been eating ever since. She urinated on my bed 3 days after that. I knew something was wrong. She urinates on the bed when she's not feeling well. I thought it may be her UTI coming back again since she couldn't keep down food, I don't think she absorbed the antibiotics properly. I took her to my vets and did bloodwork. She was also very lethargic at the vets, which is very unlike her!! She is a pretty fiesty kitten! Creatine was high and I was told my 5 month old kitten was in actue renal failure! I couldn't believe it. The vet reassured me that it would be reversable with Sub-Q fluids every day and recheck bloodwork next week. With the symptoms that she presented with the Dr. was more than certain it was the Metacam that did all this to my baby! I've heard about it in older cats but a kitten this young it shouldn't have happened to. Hopefully her bloodwork will be normal next week!