Hi Dave,
Unfortunately, I found your website too late.  I took my four year old cat Miller to the vet on Monday, June 13th, because he was limping when I came home from work.  He would not put any weight on his paw so I was worried something was really wrong.  The vet determined that nothing was broken in his leg but said they were going to prescribe an anti-inflammatory and pain medicine in order to help him heal.  He was prescribed Metacam Oral Suspension and was supposed to have .5 mls Monday and Tuesday and then .1 mls for the next three days.  The vet said he should feel much better by Wednesday but if he didn't they would need to do x-rays.  The medicine was already measured out so it could be easily dispensed.  We decided to keep him in our spare bedroom so he would be able to relax and heal quickly.  I gave him his first dose Monday night and a couple hours later he was already standing on his paw and just limping a little bit.  Tuesday I gave
 him his second dose and checked on him, he seemed to be doing fine.  Wednesday morning I went to check on him before I left for work and I found him dead on the floor.  He was laying in a pile of throw up.  I called the vet and was asked to bring him in when they opened.  My husband and I decided to bury Miller in our backyard instead of having him cremated.  I started to immediately research the medicine that was prescribed for Miller and I was shocked at the information I found out.  If I had known about the warnings for using Metacam in cats I definitely would not have given it to Miller.  I have called the company that manufactures Metacam and the FDA to file adverse effect reports.  I wish I had done some research before giving Miller this medicine.  I will definitely be asking a lot more questions when medicine is prescribed to my pets in the future.  Thank you for the site you have created to educate people on the dangers of Metacam
 use in cats, I only wish I had found it sooner.