Please donít give your cat this medicine. My beautiful black cat named Mittens was 7 years old perfectly healthy other than a pesky reoccuring mouth infection. After many treatments of antibiotics and steroids, we decided it would be best for her to have a surgery to extract her teeth. We did it even though the $1,000.00 was alot to come up with. She had the surgery 3 weeks ago after thourghly going through many tests to make sure she was healthy enough to go through it. I havenít even paid the credit card bill yet and Mittens is dead. The surgeon prescribed Metacam for her after the surgery for 7 days. When the infection came back 2 weeks after the surgery he told me to give her the medicine for another 7 days. On day 5 she started throwing up every time she ate. Day six she didnít get the medicine because she wasnít herself. Didnít eat much and by herself. On day 7 she was suppose to get her metacam I rushed her to my vet and found out she had a fever of 108 and a low white count. They did an x-ray and her intestines were inflamed. They thought it was a virus. Kept her over night and the next day found her dead in the cage. After an autopsy I was told the Metacam made her insides explode and poisined her to death. I canít even sleep at night now as she slept on my pillow with me everynight. Every morning she was my alarm clock and woke me up. No one told me the risks that came along with this medicine I was told it was an excellent medicine and to give it to her. If I would have known there were any risks at all I wouldnít have used it. I would have tried something else. Please donít give this medicine without getting all the facts about it and even then doubt yourself and stop.