PB has lost the fight ... 9/12 he was diagnosed with Hermangiosarcoma. and we decided based on his advanced age to keep him comfortable until it was his time.

Today is the day..he no longer has the quality of life he deserves...

R.I.P. PB ...I  love you and always will...


My cat PB was prescribed Metacam Oral for his arthritis in his knees on May 23, 2007.
He was prescribed a 4 day dosage of .5ml twice daily.

While I was advised this usage was “Off Label” I was never advised that it could induce acute renal failure in just 4 days.

I was informed it was in use in Canada and was awaiting approval here in the states.

He had blood work drawn a week earlier due to a urinary problem with normal kidney values.

Well on Monday May 28th my poor cat was rushed to the emergency vet. and he was immediately hospitalized with acute renal failure.

I picked my cat last night (May 31,2007) and his prognosis is not good. 
It also cost me over $1800. so far. He has now been transferred to a day hospital where he continues to hang on.

This 4 day use of this medication may have cost the life of my dear pet and if he does recover he’s bound to have developed chronic renal failure to some degree requiring costly treatments for the rest of his life.



Update: 5/28/2008

We'll it's been a year since PB's bout with metacam poisoning...
I'm happy to report PB has had a complete recovery. 
After weeks of force feeding, daily fluids, he finally began eating on his own and his blood work returned to normal.
He's had a recent ultrasound (negative for kidney issues) as well as normal bloodwork.

So there is hope if your animal develops kidney issues due to metacam.

Thanks to Capeway Veterinary Hospital and Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists (Emergency) and a special thanks to Dr. Nandini Jayaram and Dr. Diane Turner-Murray...

Now for my complaints!

Boehringer-Ingelheim (vetmedica) has never showed any concern for the health of PB with the exception of a phone call placed to CCVS. 

I have complained numerous times regarding the dangers of this medication and the ways the it's drug reps. have influenced the veterinarians prescribing this drug for our feline friends. There needs to be information given to pet owners informing them about the possible dangers of giving this drug to cats. 

I have received hundreds of complaints/stories/questions since I created this site..

Some of these came too late..

To anyone reading this site... PLEASE... PLEASE ...

PLEASE talk to your vet regarding the risks of giving this drug to your pet.

And if it did affect your pet complain to Boehringer-Ingelheim and the FDA.


Wishing you good health to you and your pets....

Dave & PB


& Gunther & Elvis