Hi Dave my name is Sarah and I wish I could say I have good news but I don't. My 5 year daughter had the sweetest calico cat that was so in love with her she would play with her and let her dress her up and push her in a baby stroller without a care in the world. She was my daughter's best friend. Last week 08/02/2010 we noticed Pebbles (our kitty) was limping we brought her to the vet and he prescribed Metacam he told us not to pay attention to the warning Label not for use in cats that he had been a vet for 43 years and it wouldn't hurt her because she was an extremely healthy cat. He told us to go up to the 6 on the oral dropper and to give orally every 24 hours. After starting the medicine Pebbles was not herself, she wasn't eating, drinking or playing she kind of looked as if she was in the cats body but couldn't do anything we called the vet and he said to give her time to adjust to the medication. After this I mentioned to my Spouse that I thought it was the medicine that she wasn't like this until the medicine. So we didn't give it to her for a day but she seemed worse without it. We brought her back into the vet on 08/09/2010 and the vet looked at her and said " I must have missed this the first time I seen her she has a sever brain trauma injury from the incident that injured her leg. The brain is a phenomenal thing and may recover give her a week and if she doesn't get better I would recommend putting her to sleep." That's when I looked the medication up on the internet and I saw that the cat has all of the symptoms from that HORRIBLE METACAM. Last night I went home and she was urinating on herself and she had blood in her urine and she stated having seizures. We rushed to the animal hospital in our area and they said it was definitely from the metacam and that it was too late it had all gone to her brain and became neurological. They put Pebbles to sleep at 4am this morning and Our family is crushed my daughter feels she lost her best friend and I don't know what to do. Please can you give me some advice.

Thank you,