My Shadow kitty received Metacam after his tail was amputated a few
weeks ago due to a cancerous growth on his tail. I gave him 4 doses
of 5 drops per day for 4 days. He is now in emergency care since last
Wednesday, receiving fluids for acute renal failure. He has only
eaten once while in emergency care and that was a few days ago. The
doctor who prescribed the Metacam only told me that he was prescribing
it "off label". He never mentioned any risks or side effects
whatsoever. I wish I had done my homework, but at the time I didn't
think I had any reason not to trust the doctor. I am probably looking
at euthanizing my best friend in the next few days if his kidney
levels (BUN and creatine) don't come down significantly by then. I am
so angry that this doctor would even prescribe such a thing (and not
warn me of the risks and side effects). This is really rough on
Shadow and me. How do I trust another vet again with my other two
kitties? Now I'm kicking myself and second-guessing everything I did
or didn't do.

Monica - Highlands Ranch, CO