Hi Dave,
I came across your site while googling the drug Metacam. I had NO idea the level of danger my cats were being exposed to by being administered this drug. Of course, there are always risks when an animal or person uses a drug, but this is obviously something that has been consistently proven to be extremely dangerous in cats. Iím so incredibly angry that 1. we will most likely have to return the the VCA Hospital on Thanksgiving to euthanize a part of our family and 2. we will have spend over $3000 in emergency costs and are in a position now to lose our home because our bank account is drained.
Anyway, I am interested to know if any of the others who have posted stories on this site and others have actually taken action against their personal vet offices or the manufacturer itself. Like most animal people, our family pets are just an extension of ourselves and feel like children. To lose one is devastating.
Would love to hear back from you!
Thanks for letting me vent and for allowing me to see that others have had the same experience (though sad, I donít feel so alone).
Last evening we were able to take our cat home from the ICU. His blood levels had gone from critical to normal in just 48 hours. He was taken off fluids yesterday morning but continued eating and drinking normally and the labs were good. Now is the real test - we'll bring him back in a week to see how much long-term damage was actually done to the poor thing.
But now I am pissed and on a mission! Has there ever been talk, that you are aware of, of a class-action lawsuit against Boehringer Ingelheim for this drug? I read the FDA press release dated 10/17 and also the one from the manufacturer dated 9/17 which specifically states that oral suspension Metacam is NOT approved for use in cats. Period. The injectable for is approved for SINGLE-USE application in cats PRIOR to specific surgery but a huge warning is added stating very specifically NOT to administer additional doses. Not only were our cats given the oral suspension prior to surgery, they were each given two doses while in the care of our vet and we were sent home with two addtional doses for each of them. I am outraged.
For quite a while now I've worked in the medical field. I know that when a drug is being used in an "off-label" fashion there needs to be a specific informed consent explained and signed prior to moving forward. I was never given any information and in fact had never heard of Metacam until AFTER surgery and complications started arising.
What do you know?