Hi Dave,

My cat, Shanti, who is 10 years old and whom I raised from feeding him with an eye-dropper because he was somehow abandoned as an infant, is now dying from cancer in his throat.  I know that I don't have to explain to you how absolutely heart-breaking this is for my husband and myself.

Shanti began showing signs that something was wrong about 6 weeks ago.  I noticed that he was starting to drool and looked kind of like a person would if they had had a stroke (I am a retired paramedic so this is how I think).  So, my first thought was that he had stroked.  I took him to our vet and they ran complete tests on Shanti and came back with perfect results.  The vet said he thought that Shanti probably had an abscessed tooth.

We took Shanti to a different vet for a 2nd opinion and she also thought it could be a tooth thing, but also said that it could be (worst case scenario), a tumor in his throat because his neck on one side was kind of hard.

We went with the 2nd vet because she was just more loving and caring while dealing with our boy.
They went in and checked for tooth abscess and found none so they took a biopsy of the lump in his throat.
Tests revealed that my Shanti has cancer.  The vet gave him 2 months (at the most), to live.

The vet sent me home with Buprenex and Metacam.
I first gave him the Buprenex for pain relief.  All it seemed to do was sedate him and he did not like it at all!
I had been told by our vet that if the Buprenex didn't work, we should try the Metacam.

I went online to look up the drug and immediately found your website, and it scared the he'll out of me!
I called 3different vets and asked about Metacam.  They all 3 told me the same thing....that given the circumstances, that Shanti was not going to live more than 2 months, Maximum, that it was a matter of which only Shanti and I could decide.
I put off giving him the Metacam, because of your website.  I gave him the Buprenex whenever he began moaning and shaking his head.  It was horrendous, watching my baby go through this pain and confusion!

Finally, after 4 days of watching him be in pain and looking at me as if I should DO SOMETHING about it, I caved and gave him the Metacam.  At this point, I could just watch him slowly die a painful and confusing death or TRY something else, if not having him euthanized.

So I gave him the Metacam, and within 5 minutes, my boy was up and rubbing himself all over me!  He was purring, which he hadn't done in days and asked me to brush him!  Also, he ate more food than he had since being diagnosed!

That was the day after Christmas.  It is now the 8th of January, and I have given him one dose of Metacam every 24 hours.  Today, Shanti shadowed me like he use to, for a good 6 hours, before lying down and sleeping, after eating his regular amount of food!

I am incredibly thankful for Metacam for the fact that is has given Shanti and me this extra time together that is QUALITY time for us both!  Yes, he is still drooling all over everything but he also is eating, purring, wanting to be brushed and sleeping on the bed next to me, where as before the Metacam, he had been hiding out in the closet and shunning human contact.

I DO understand the good that you are doing by informing people of how dangerous this drug can be.  But....what you are NOT doing is informing people of the flip-side!  Cats who are already stricken with kidney disease or other diseases that put them "at risk" by giving them Metacam, should be told the risks, ABSOLUTELY!
But I can't imagine that I am the first or only person who has written to you about the ADVANTAGES that Metacam can have for cats who are already dying....giving them, and their people a little more quality time together before the last "Goodbye".

I wrote this for Shanti and so that others may be enlightened.

I seriously doubt that you put it on your site.

Please PROVE ME WRONG by doing the RIGHT thing!!

Orlando, FL