My cat had a simple surgery for a mammary tumour on Jan. 16th. She was a strong, healthy and feisty cat who was a good candidate for the surgery. On the 17th, I brought her home. The vet gave me Metacam to give her, a full syringe the 1st day back, and 1/2 of one the second day, which seemed like a lot to me. I did research on it before giving it to her and called him and told him I wanted something else. He wouldn’t give me anything else, saying that this is perfectly safe and that that’s all he uses. I decided not to give it to her unless she seemed in pain. Well, the next day, she was thrashing and screaming and in so much pain, that she even had tears coming out of her eyes. She was looking at me as if to say “do something, help me”, I could see the horrible pain in her eyes. It was 2 in the morning, I couldn’t get in touch with the vet, and I couldn’t stand to see her suffer like that, it was heartbreaking, so out of desperation to stop her pain I gave her 1/3 of the smaller syringe. It calmed her down. Afterwards we rushed her to the hospital. She was dead two days later. She had internal bleeding and her kidneys failed. I miss her like crazy. I am so angry at this vet for not listening to me. I truly believe she would still be alive if he had just given her a fentanyl patch for the pain instead. DO NOT give this to your cat. Be pushy, and ask for other options. Ask the vet what he used before metacam came out in 2003. This is your companion’s life, and they trust you, love you and depend on you. I am completely devastated. My best friend and soul mate is gone.