Iíve read the good and bad-all i can say is dont risk it if there is an alternative!my 19yr old cat tibbs was limping last week so i took her to my vet where she was given an injection of metacam plus oral solution 2 drops twice a day with no mention of side effects.she has been in partial kidney failure for years (urea 14+ createnine 260+) but is stable and oterwise healthy.after her first dose she was sick all day so i decided not to give her any more as she has a very sensitive stomach-a week later she is hardly eating and after what i have read im going to have to take her back for blood tests on liver and kidneys-i just hope no damage has been done-all she had was a limp-im so glad i only gave her one dose-too many cats have reacted badly to this drug and if id known this i would not have let the vet give her it!fingers crossed my girl is ok 

 Well Tibbs blood results came back-createnine over 1000 and urea 44-shes now on a drip and may not survive.she was probably borderline kidney failure but theres no doubt in my mind that the metacam tipped her over the edge-she was fine before-symptoms of kidney failure came on right after receiving metacam.only use this drug if there is no alternative and get blood tests done first-ive got to live with the fact ive sped up my cats demise-all she had was a slight limp and now shes probably dying. 

my beloved tibbs was put to sleep a week after she got home from the vets-it was horrible to see her go downhill so fast-death from kidney failure is very distressing to see.I have recently read of a case where even at a very low dose(1 drop every 3 days) a cat was in kidney failure after a month-there is NO safe dose! I would only use metacam oral again if my cat was in obvious pain and suffering and there was no alternative but to put him to sleep-it may work for some cats but others react to a very low dose-you have to weigh up the risks,monitor kidney function and know that you may kill your cat by giving them this drug-your vet probably wont tell you this as many are quite ignorant about dosage,risks and side effects!Dont assume your vet knows best-do research and make up your own mind-its your pet and your heartache if something goes wrong!