Tiger was rescued from the Irvine Animal shelter when he was about 6 months old.  He lived in Huntington Beach for approximately 3 years.  At the gated community housing area, Tiger’ made lots of friends.  He selectively chose only to associate with people with good character.  It seems where ever he went people knew his name before I knew their names.  There was a few times Tig’ wouldn’t come home all night. After I got to know the neighbors better, I found out that a 13 year old Russian girl that live (2) doors down was taking him up to her room at night to play with him, because her parents wouldn’t allow her to have her own cat and she basically adopted him as her own too. While at the gated community, I one day coach Tiger’ to follow me to the pool/spa area. Once there he made his social rounds to all the people at the pool area. People were astonished to find a cat in the pool area, plus one who wasn’t afraid of the water.  This opportunity gave Tiger’ more visibility to people to allow him to interact with and to let them know who he was.  There were a few times I would get phone calls when I was at home or away on my cell phone stating if I lost a cat. (They got my number from his identification tag) I would ask, I don’t think so, where is he at? They would say, at the pool area socializing with everyone... and state he’s so friendly... I would say no, he’s not lost, he’s right at home; he lives in the area... Another time at night, I venture to the Jacuzzi and took Tiger’ with me. Again he hung out with me and the other residents who were there. When it was time for me to leave, I called for Tiger’ to follow, he just looked at me and stayed with the other residents. I stated to them that he would come home. A few nights later, I again went the Jacuzzi area and saw the same residents there.  They make comments that Tiger’ just hung out with them till way late in the night and he was really cool.


     As I prepare to leave Huntington Beach area to travel to the Central Coast area, I said goodbye to some of the residents. The Russian girl, stated that she would be sad for Tiger’ to leave and mention she would steal him from me. (Of course she was joking). Another neighbor said, she wanted to give me some pictures of Tiger’ that she took. I stated pictures? Yeah, she said, Here’s Tiger’ at Halloween, at Thanksgiving, at Christmas, at New Years, at some other parties she had at her home. I looked at them and there was Tiger’ with her guests interacting and socializing.


   For the last (4) years Tiger’ resided in the Central Coast where he only made friends with very few people. He also displayed his cat like skills in bringing home a variety of presents, from small insects to a small wild rabbit.

He also displayed more of his territorial nature by, when the door bell would ring; he would leap up, briskly trot to the front of the door and give off a low cat growl. 

   Tiger’ would listen for the car sounds of the neighbor’s car across the street and meet them in their driveway for his daily pettings.  One of the neighbors would carry him across the street to the mail boxes to obtain her mail. Once I got a note and one of my mail items opened. On the note it stated, “Sorry I accidentally open your mail that was delivered to me without seeing who it was addressed to” signed, “Tiger’s Friend.

  Tiger’ was funny, a very good companion, and an excellent helper, enjoyed socializing and love absorbing the last rays of the sun before it disappeared from the horizon.  He was given the nick-name of “Super Tig”, due to his fearless nature. He didn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

   Tiger’ was been taken to the Vet numerous times for cat fight injuries. The last time was on December 17, 2007 he had a swollen right leg. It was drained, given medication and wrapped. Within 2 -3 days of giving the medication of Metcam & Orbax, Tiger’s condition deteriorated. His activity lessen, he slept long periods, ate less. His medication was stopped to see if he would improve. After determining he didn’t on December 26, 2007 Tiger’ was taken to the Vet to diagnose his condition. From the blood/lab tests it was determine that his blood count of red blood cells were doubled, his breathing was labor (more abdominal breathing),  a blood transfusion would only prolong his pain, his kidneys were failing. I opt not to put Tiger’ thorough anymore agonizing pain and asked to perform the euthanasia process.


    Tiger’ passed away December 26, 2007 3:12 PM. His body was cremated and his remains will be spread along the coastal beach area.