I recently lost a cat who was a very dear friend through I believe using Metacam prescribed by the vet. My cat was a nineteen and a half year old medium sized female who had been suffering from mild joint problems when walking for about two years. This seemed to get a little worse this winter although she had reasonable mobility other than leaping.

My vet prescribed 3-4 drops of Metacam once a day and much to my deep regret I gave this to her religiously in a drop of cream every morning for about five weeks before she became very ill through kidney failure and was eventually put to sleep.

She had a kidney function blood test about two years ago and at that time was OK although she had been drinking a fair bit of water off and on for about three years partly it was thought because of poor teeth and inflamed gums. This was known by the vet who prescribed Metacam.

I noticed an increased passing of urine in her tray during the first few weeks after starting the Metacam but I put it down to the exeptionally hot spell and also blamed the heat when her appetite slowly declined in early June after about four weeks. By the time I took her to the vet it was too late.

I don't really believe in coincidence. In my opinion the doses of Metacam had pushed her fragile kidneys over the edge and brought about her premature end.

They had told me Metacam was very safe but I've since done research on the web and there are clear warnings of the dangers regarding using NSAIDS generally especially on older cats with liver or kidney problems without the benefit of a current blood test.

I think the message is quite clear, If in doubt don't use Metacam on older cats who's kidney function is probably deteriorating.

PLEESE HEED THIS WARNING! - its better to have your loved friend with decreased mobility than not at all. Take my word for it.