Hi Dave,

My name is Vanna from Houston, TX and my cat, Topaz, was prescribed Metacam yesterday for pain management.

I wanted to write you so that you can tell others and that this drug is STILL being used improperly and that no matter the dose, it has caused problems with my Topaz.
He began staring off into space, disinterested, and non-responsive. He would not eat or drink, and when he did go to the litter box, I found black stool left behind. I was in hysterics.

Dr. Michalec from ABC Animal and Bird Clinic in Sugarland, TX was the one who gave my cat this drug. This lady assured me that everything was fine and made it seem like she really cared. She did NOT tell me anything about the side effects, nor tell me this medicine was not approved for cats. Thanks to your website, I found out about Metacam that same day I brought him home and discontinued use after one dose. I don't know what I would've done if something were to happen to my baby.

For reference, Topaz is a neutered male, 2 years 4 months old, and was given .2 of Metacam.

Please spread the word so others will not use this clinic!!!

Thank you so much for this website,

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