My cat (Zoey) spent an expensive and stressful week in a pet hospital hooked up to an IV and given dopamine (among other things).  When he went in his BUN was over 200 and Creatinine at 12.  At discharge it was 74 and 5.6.  He is now home, I am giving subQ fluids daily, special diet, and a new expensive pill called Azodyl (a large enzyme capsule twice daily that reduces BUN and Creatinine in the intestines so there is less for the kidneys to deal with).  So far he is gradually responding, but of course, he is now more of a patient than a pet.  His quality of life has been drastically reduced.
When I complained to the vet/owner of the original clinic where this drug was prescribed, he brushed me off by saying he had great success with hundreds of cats using metacam and that there are risks with any drug.  I guess he meant "buyer beware?"
I am extremely angry that this happened and will be writing letters to the New Mexico Veterinary Assoc., the Center for Veterinary Medicine, Consumer Affairs, and anyone else I can think of. 
Thank you for creating this site.  I will be calling the manufacturer as you suggest.